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You deliver services to your stakeholders.  How well do you stack up against requirements, KPIs, and the competition?   Are you comfortable with where you are on the technology adoption lifecycle? Are your networks resilient to cyber attacks?

Second Kinetik can provide you personnel and solutions with decades of telecoms and large networks experience.  But we are not sitting still, as we embrace IoT grids, SDNs, automation and orchestration, open source, and agile delivery.


Strike the balance of innovation and sustained profitability.


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Second Kinetik is an IT consultancy with an engineering heart.  We have delivered large telco solutions integrating Tier 1 products with bespoke development.

We understand the journey from translating customer needs to functioning tools and processes.

We also know large problems are not bigger versions of small problems; size brings its own set of issues in logistics and scaling up.

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Second Kinetik have experienced consultants to assist you in the following areas.

Contact us if you would like to discuss, or have needs not identified below.

Cyber Security

Identity Access Management

ISO 27001 assessments, internal audits, certification lead

Risk analysis and assessment

Network security strategy

Requirements Handling

Technical business analysis

Statements of work

Service Level Agreements

Operational Support Systems

Root Cause Analytics

Service Assurance

Performance Management

System Integration

Configuration and customisation

API and external interface development

End of life transformation

Validation & Verification

Test strategy

Test plans

Test case development, execution, results

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We'd love to discuss your goals to provide a more secure environment for your company, your customers, and your vendors.

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